If we are honest when we take time to look at specific areas in our life we will notice that most areas are in need of counselling. There is always more we can become or move towards. In order to grow and move forward, we need to identify and prioritize these factors in order to highlight common themes in our life that may be out of kilter or out of line with our beliefs and values.
1. Look at the following areas and give a number from 1 to 10 in how satisfied you are right now- currently – in that area of your life.
2. Then, prioritize the areas that you would choose to be counselled in. Ask yourself these questions:

How important is this area in my life?
How satisfied am I with this area right now?
Am I growing or moving forward?
Have I reached all that I want to in this area?

Spiritual Health Spectrum
Exploratory Questions:
Do I believe that I am a spiritual being? Why or why not?
Do I believe there is a God? Why or why not?
Where is my relationship with God? Do I want one or have one?
What does the word spiritual mean to me?
Do I have a sense of purpose and meaning in my life?
Do I have enough fun, recreation, rest and leisure time in my life?
Am I growing, learning and developing myself?
Are you living in faith or fear?
Am I prioritizing my spiritual formation daily, weekly, or monthly or sometimes?
Am I living each moment for eternal value?

Relational Health Spectrum
Exploratory Questions:
Do I enjoy loving family relationships?
Do I have close and supportive friendships?
Do I have access to beneficial networks and communities?
Am I active in a community, organization, school or church group?
What kind of intimate relationships have I had – (few, many, abusive, healthy)?
What would I rate my significant intimate relationships out of ten, particularly the one I am currently in?

Emotional & Mental Health Spectrum
Exploratory Questions:
Am I fit, strong, flexible and energetic?
Are my emotions stable?
Is my mental health resilient?
Am I on medicine to treat depression or anxiety?
How is my attitude on a regular day – negative or positive?
Do I struggle with wrong thinking?
Do I struggle with fear, anxiety or phobias?

Physical & Functional Health Spectrum
Exploratory Questions:
Do I take care of my personal health to prevent illness?
Am I ill in some way?
Am I eating proper foods (see healing pyramid of foods)
Do you procrastinate in any way?
Do you feel conflicted -Is there a part of you that wants something and another part of you wants something else?
Do you lack confidence – Holding back in all sorts of ways because you don’t feel up to the challenge?

Vocational Health Spectrum
Exploratory Questions:
Do I enjoy my work and feel fulfilled in my career?
Am I satisfied with where I work?
Do I have enough opportunities at work so I can continue to develop?

Financial Health Spectrum
Exploratory Questions:
Am I financially secure? Why or why not?
Do I understand how to budget and spend money?
How much do I have saved?
Do I live paycheck to paycheck?
If I couldn’t work, how long could I support myself?
Do I worry about money?
Am I happy living the lifestyle that I am living?
Am I creating wealth for my future?

© 2010 Jodi Bryant, LIFECHANGE Resources