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At LifeChange Resources we believe in using a Christ-Intervention approach to Coaching, Counselling and Consulting. We believe one’s spiritual formation is a key component to unlocking growth and freedom in every Spectrum of Vitality© throughout one’s life. Christ Intervention Transformation© Spiritual Illumination will be a significant aspect of your coaching/counselling experiences. Our approach has helped hundreds of individuals, families, children and teens through difficult life challenges. Whether you are facing circumstances that affect your home or church, and desire freedom from the damage of abuse or addictions, behavioural challenges within your family members, substance or emotional abuse, we have the time, patience and understanding you need to work through and help you down the path to recovery and management of your situation. Call Us today, and have a talk… it could be the first step down a new path to recovery and reconciliation.

Our Vision is to raise awareness of the value and need for professional coaching in Saskatoon and beyond. CEO Jodi Bryant is a Certified Executive Coach and Trainer who is passionate about transforming every life that receives her exceptional coaching or training services.

Our Strengths: Many of our clients feel our biggest strength is the ability to listen and guide… We are all on a journey through life, and on occasion, need the help and support of someone outside our personal situation. This is where we excel – at listening with a compassionate ear, and with a kind heart. We offer support and also realistic feedback to help our clientele through whatever life experiences they are dealing with.

Our past is one of formal and practical experience, training and applied counselling. Like you, we have experienced a great deal of what life has to offer and made the choice to contribute our skills as counselors and consultants to our clientele.

Our future revolves around you – our clients. We are here to help, to counsel and to consult with you to create life change, family unity, and help you resolve your personal challenges.


PAOC Credentialed and Licensed Minister #219873 - Ordination Pending 2019
Masters of Counselling and Psychology
Certified Professional Counsellor Under the PACCP Designation number #551SKi

LIFECHANGE Coaching is approved by the International Coaches Federation (ICF) and is accredited by the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA), Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists (PACCP), and The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).

Jodi Bryant


Professional Counsellor (PACCP #551SK14: CPC; on the Saskatoon leadership team for the Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists – previously served on the National board) and Executive Life and Spiritual Coach (ACSTH [ICF certified]: CEC # 44205) Jodi Bryant, (MACP, MSLC, CEC, B.Ed. (concentrating on Education, Music, Psychology), BA (in Pastoral Ministries), is credentialed as a pastor/counsellor with the PAOC and specializes in inspiring and motivating people, moving them toward life transformation. Jodi brings vast life experience to her coaching, counselling, and consulting career. She loves to write and is a songwriter and worship leader; her debut album RECONCILIATION has earned her royalties with CCLI since 2000 and its title song was used in one of Barak Obama’s inauguration prayer rallies of 2009. Her songs are used throughout North America and beyond.

In the past, she successfully built a 6-figure income, earning multiple top personal and team national sales (in the top 1% of North America) and national recruiting (in the top 1% of North America) achievement awards. She’s been president of a national woman’s organization, board member/Chair of provincial not-for profit organizations, and a National Senior business trainer for a well-known North American direct sales company. Jodi continues to teach in the public system today and has taught many diverse subjects over fifteen years. As a professional teacher trainer by trade, Jodi has taught, trained, written and published articles in her professional fields. Presently, she is the CEO of LIFECHANGE RESOURCES Inc. and is founder and director of Reconciliation Resources, a charity sharing Christ’s message of love to the broken and marginalized in Saskatoon and beyond.

She is a learned, well-rounded person who has studied thoroughly and has exceptional skills in many areas, including: Education, Counselling, Psychology, Leadership, Mental Health & Addictions, Spiritual Direction & Inner Healing, Esthetics, Pastoral Ministry, Business, Networking, Health & Nutrition, Marriage & Family, and Parenting. She has been married to her husband, Darryl for over 28 years and they have three boys. They operate an Approved Mental Health Home. Jodi and her husband Darryl are active members and partners in mission with Reconciliation Resources, Elim Church and the Neighbourhood Church in Saskatoon.  She resides with her family in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.